It's 1996.

buddy gray, a longtime activist and homeless advocate in Cincinnati, was recently murdered.

Civil unrest and racial tensions make the city uneasy.

Thousands are homeless and there isn't enough housing. Panhandling is being criminalized in cities across Ohio.

These conditions are what started Streetvibes.

Originally, Streetvibes was just a one page insert in Cleveland's Homeless Grapevine but interest continued to grow and eventually started as its own. For over 20 years, Streetvibes has been going strong as a publication focused on "advocating justice and building community."

Over time, Streetvibes has become Cincinnati's voice for people experiencing homelessness, poverty, and other injustices in the city. While Streetvibes' primary focus is on homelessness and affordable housing, the paper has also spotlighted other important social justice issues such as systemic racism, LGBTQ and women's rights, and environmental activism. However, up until this archive was created, Streetvibes had a limited online presence and no digital archive. As a result, the powerful voices published in the paper disappeared once the last issue went out of print. The archive's purpose is to preserve Streetvibes' history and impact and, more broadly, to highlight Cincinnati activism since the 90s. This archive is a work in progress, so keep checking for updates and added content!

​ The Streetvibes Archive is run by Katelyn Lusher ​