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Cover Page

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From the Director
Issues Council and Mayoral Candidates Need to Address

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Weather Trends

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How to Respond to Panhandling

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The Play Library
Issue covering:
child care for working poor,
homeless health care,
Underground Railroad Museum,
homeless narrative,
Findlay Market,
mental illness,
Cleveland homelessness,
OTR Coalition
No Way Buddy Gray organization
Issue covering:
homeless death,
OTR social service agencies,
welfare reform (Ohio & U.S.)
domestic violence
homeless parents
food stamp policy
transitional housing
Caracole (AIDS social service agency)
Issue covering:
homeless shelters
welfare reform
home lending bias
community council
housing policy
homeless veterans
death penalty
free speech
Drop Inn Center
federal budget
Issue covering:
welfare reform
domestic violence
homeless shelters
school board election
independent living
Over-the-Rhine soup kitchen
homeless youth
homeless protest
street papers
anti-homeless sentiment
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